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Nourishing our community.... one child at a time.  

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Bonner Community Food Bank





Since 2002 the number of people receiving energy assistance has increased

Since 2001 Bonner Community Food Bank's monthly activity has increased

​Childhood hunger is solvable.  FOOD FOR OUR CHILDREN wants to end childhood hunger in Bonner County and help put its children on positive paths to success.  With your help, we can solve this. 

Hunger prevents kids from 

reaching their full potential.

It's an epidemic that threatens their futures and the futures of both Bonner County & Idaho.




Every day there are over 1690 (& rising) hungry children in our community

Poverty levels are on the rise due to the current economy, and too many Idaho children are hungry over the weekends. Throughout Idaho, teachers share many stories of children returning to school on Monday after a weekend without enough to eat.

Statistics show that Bonner County is one of the worst counties in Idaho with child hunger issues. Unfortunately studies focusing on food deprived children indicate that they are more likely to become sick, have a decreased attention span, and lack the enthusiasm to learn because they are concentrating on their hunger more than learning. (Bonner Community Food Bank).  

Costs of Hunger

How to Help

Our Purpose

We would love your help - donations, your time, your care.

The costs are much more than an empty stomach.

To eliminate childhood hunger in Bonner County, Idaho.